Stormwater Management - Best Practices for your Business

Stormwater Quality

Why does stormwater quality matter?

The storm drainage system is designed to collect stormwater - rain and snowmelt - and release it directly into the Colorado River. Pollutants, such as fertilizers, pesticides, oils and other sediments are transported in stormwater as rain and snowmelt travel across lawns, roads, parking lots and other surfaces. This polluted stormwater then enters the Colorado River without filtration or treatment. Contaminants that enter the stormwater system degrade the quality of our drinking water and pollute our fish and wildlife habitats.

How can you help?

As good stewards of the Colorado River, we must take extra precautions to ensure that stormwater runoff does not jeopardize the quality of our natural water source. Implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs) and reviewing waste management systems will help ensure a safe work environment and provide a cleaner water source for years to come.